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Easy to take on and it works!

In 30 days, help your child master the literacy skills they need to be school-ready.


Support and supplement your child’s literacy training with our Complete 30-Day at-Home Training Program

Created by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist with Ontario Teaching Certification, our alphabet phonics program teaches children sound/symbol correspondence - providing a strong literacy foundation for their academic success.

Our program is composed of short bursts of 5-minute activities creating a fun and engaging learning experience helping kids learn letter sounds quickly and accurately.

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Accelerate Learning the Letter Sounds Through Picture Association


Learn to Print with Accuracy and Automaticity


Increase the Fun Factor with Multisensory Activities

Jumpstart your child’s academic success!

Jumbo Letters to Trace & Say.
Flash Cards for Rapid Repetition
Practice Sheets
Magnetic Bingo and Puzzle Boards
Magnets and Much More

A Clinically Proven Program that Stands Out!

Our alphabet phonics program focuses on pictures association and key words to help kids learn letter sounds quickly and accurately.

Multisensory Coaching Aids & Circuit Training

Our program is composed of short bursts of 5-minute activities that integrate kinesthetic (movement-based) and tactile (sensory-based) learning strategies with visual and auditory concepts.

Learning Assessments & Motivational Rewards

Our results-oriented program includes easy to oversee assessments to track progress on an ongoing basis, building confidence with each constructive review.

Teaching Letter Sounds Through Picture Association

The letters themselves are designed to look like real objects. This learning strategy gives meaning to what is typically an abstract concept for children. By remembering the picture, children remember the letter it represents.

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30 days
Fun activities. That is all it takes!

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Reading Gym is a Speech-Language Pathology organization focusing on children’s literacy. We make kids’ literacy fun, engaging and most of all, accessible. Our clinically proven alphabet phonics programs teach kids sound/symbol correspondence and printing – building skills and confidence.